Warren Wilson College - DSpaceDirect: Recent submissions

  • Dailey, AJ; Hunter, Kelsey; Otsea, Simone (Warren Wilson College, 2021)
    College students and third graders interview local experts about how community members can be involved in solving the problem of climate change. Featuring Steve Ansari of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ...
  • Hricik, Mary (Editor); Kinnebrew, Janai (Editor); Mitchell, Charlotte (Editor); Roy, Derek (Editor); Jones, Gordon; Wertenbaker, Elena J.; Johgart, Abra; Malick, Devon; Thilmany, Drew; Daigle, Lilyanne Tyler; Jacobs, Hannah (Warren Wilson College, 2012)
    Auspex showcases fine capstone work of Warren Wilson College students. Pieces are created and submitted by students; recommended by faculty advisors; selected by an interdisciplinary faculty and student committee; and ...
  • Fowler, Tatum; Syverson, Ella (2021-12-13)
  • Guth, Leo (2021-12-13)
  • Allen, Tayzha; Mader, Audrey (2021-12-13)
  • Storniolo, Isabella (2021-12-13)
  • Fitzsimmons, Ivy (2021-12-13)
  • Treat, Kate (2021-12-13)
  • Goodman, Mellanee (2021)
    In the Fray: Black Women and Craft, 1850- 1910, examines the lives of Black craftswomen from enslavement and beyond emancipation, suggesting that these women have been historically invisible within and outside of the craft ...
  • Mah, Mei; Miyakawa Cloke, Jennifer; Sanderson, Diana; Bradshaw, David O.; Conlan, Brian; Hidalgo, Ainara; Lalley, Annie; Mycoff, David; Orr, Doug; Palmer, Bridget; Razo Villaseca, Monica; Valentine, Heaven; Williams, Jess Burkett (Warren Wilson College, 2021-04-26)
    In 1943, as the United States was embroiled in World War II and anti-Japanese hysteria, Kuniko Hirokawa and Sally Mizokami, Japanese American women from a concentration camp in Arizona, attended Warren H. Wilson Vocational ...
  • Powers, Heather K. (2021)
    This twenty-year comparative visual and sensory ethnographic analysis of fiber studio photographs from the archive of 'American Craft Council Magazine' (2000-2020) foregrounded my embodied knowledge as a craftsperson. By ...
  • Meissner, Amy (2021)
    Issue 3 of the journal Chatter Marks, “The State of Repair,” published by the Anchorage Museum and edited by Amy Meissner, is a polyphonic and intergenerational collection of narratives revealing the craft of repair through ...
  • Francis, Riley (2021-05)
    COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of and social processes throughout the world. Warren Wilson College, as have at other colleges across the country and the world, has had to respond and adapt to these ...
  • Cordell, Kylie (Editor); Risano, Ana (Editor); Woods, Harley (Editor); Ludkey, Jack (Editor); Walker, Seth (Editor); Acocella, Daniel; Airing, Benjamin; Banowetz, Stella; Bloodworth, Chloë; Carlton, Denia; Carpenter, Carolyn; Davis, Heather; Fick, Serena; Garoufalidis, Thalia; Goodyear, Jordan; Grey, Ephraim; Karyo, Ruby; Larson, Rain; Lewis, Belinda; Poe, Hannah; Syverson, Ella; Williams, Jess; Woodring, Ursa; Wyrick, Carlos (Warren Wilson College, 2021-04-26)
    Peal is a student-run literary magazine published biannually and funded by Warren Wilson College. Peal accepts submissions of original poetry, fiction, drama, creative non-fiction, and visual art from students, staff, and faculty.
  • Jones, Evelyn (1978-12-11)
    A transcript of an oral history of Evelyn Jones, nurse for Warren Wilson College from 1942 to 1978. The interviewer was Cathy Merino, a student, who also did the transcript.
  • Work Program Office (Warren Wilson College, 2021-04-01)
    This reflection on the history and impact of Work Day at WWC was recorded on 1 April 2021 with retired Dean of Work Ian Robertson, current Associate Dean of Work Paul Bobbit along with faculty, staff and students.
  • Laursen, Bernhard and Kathrine (1971-03-13)
    Transcript of an interview led by interviewer Mary E. Dille of Bernhard and Kathrine Laursen. The interview took place on 13 March 1971.
  • Lytle, Rodney; Morton, Lynn; Wheeler, Billy Edd; Shippy, Perry; Wykle, John (Warren Wilson College, 2017-10-07)
    Alma Joseph Lee Shippy enrolled at Warren Wilson College in 1952, two years before Brown v. Board of Education, the United States Supreme Court ruling that racial segregation in schools is unconstitutional. By a vote of ...
  • Mitchell-Bennett, Malcolm (2020-12-02)
    A history of racial equity policies at Warren Wilson College.
  • Mah, Mei; Sanderson, Diana; Bradshaw, David O.; Burke, Jack; Darby, Joshua S.; Gifford-Bell, Stephen; Huffman, Andrew; Richardson, Olatunde S.; Via, Mason; Woolsey, Gus; Gellert, Rayna (2019)
    Describes the history of the Asheville Farm School from its founding in 1894 through 2019. Highlights the building of the library in 1932-33 by the boys of the Farm School, from logs harvested from the school's forest.