Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume Eight

Auspex showcases fine capstone work of Warren Wilson College students. Pieces are created and submitted by students; recommended by faculty advisors; selected by an interdisciplinary faculty and student committee; and edited, designed, and published by the crew of the Writing Studio.
Cover Art, "America Loves Me?" Katherine Wilson. "Editorial: Brave Stories for a Hard Time," Noah Hoyle, pp. 7-9. Part One, 2019, Articles: "Defying Gender Norms through Protest Art and the Power of Feminism in the Fight for Democracy in Chile," Isa Symancyk, Global Studies, pp. 12-42; "Votes Against Migration: Modeling Legislators’ Preference," Michael Nowak, Economics, pp. pp. 44-57; "Effects of Sublethal Imidacloprid on House Cricket (Acheta domesticus) Neuron Firing Activity and Chirping Behavior," Jenna Joyner, Biology, pp. 59-83; "Testing Temper: A Functional and Cultural Analysis of Soapstone Temper in Burke Series Pottery," Isaac Davis, Sociology & Anthropology, pp. 85-125; "Exploring Mathematics through Knitting," Aquilla Sellew, Mathematics, pp. 127-147. Part 2, 2021, Articles: "Just Transition and a Post-Coal Future for Central Appalachia," Griffin Harvey, Global Studies, pp. 150-186; "A Comparative Analysis of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Populations Before and After Stream Restoration in Two Warren Wilson College Streams," Kaitlyn Zinnecker, Biology & Environmental Studies, pp. 188-226; "No Trucks Moved, By Nobody," Bridget Palmer, History & Political Science, pp. 228-245. Art: "Chancay Urn," Miles Lamberson, p. 10; "Will You Braid My Hair?" Miles Lamberson, p. 43; "I Build the Air," Emily Chebli, p. 58; "Organic Vectors," Katherine Wilson, p. 84; "Untitled," Rebecca White, p. 126; "Untitled," Cisco McMullin, p. 148; "Or the Darkness Thereof," Emily Chebli, p. 187; "America Loves Me?" Katherine Wilson, p. 227.