Keepers of Memory: Creativity, Reimagination, and Multiplicities in the Archives

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Keepers of Memory explores the complex relationship between Archives and institutional attachment. The erasure of violence and upholding state and institutional power occur in the archive, where a monopoly between the archivist and perceived narrative begins. The archive's memory must be challenged and liberated from institutional barriers limiting access and shaping narratives. Additionally, a conversation explores the past's multiplicities and how archives retain and support state-led dominance. This research acts as a framework for reinventing archives by removing institutional attachment and incorporating marginalized perspectives. This is done to reapproach archives with a unique perspective based on artistic practice that can be reshaped as accessible, ethical, and community-oriented to serve the needs of scholars, artists, and the general public. Imagination is at the core of this work to create a new tradition by examining traditional and limited archival practices. In summary, Archives are not a singular story; they are complex sources of memory that would thrive under the unfettering of their contents. The archive's liberation, imagination, and uplifting of anarchist values is a beautiful tool and offers the opportunity to reclaim our histories from the memory of the institutions.
Capstone thesis
Archives, History, Anarchism, Art Criticism