Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume Three

Auspex showcases fine capstone work of Warren Wilson College students. Pieces are created and submitted by students; recommended by faculty advisors; selected by an interdisciplinary faculty and student committee; and edited, designed, and published by the crew of the Writing Studio.
"Cover Image," Peter Constantinou. "Table of Contents." "Against Absolutism," Wes Tirey, pp. 5-8. Articles: "Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems: Logic, Metamathematics, and the Limits of Axiomatic Proof," Samantha Capps, Mathematics, pp. 9-22; "The Rhetoric and Realities of Amendment One: Analyzing the Campaign Surrounding North Carolina’s Marriage Amendment," Nathan Gower, History and Political Science, pp. 23-54; "Migration of Metals from a Coal Ash Pond into the Sediment of the French Broad River," Amelia Snyder, Environmental Studies and Chemistry," pp. 55-82; “'You Just Make A Buckskin Laptop Case': Identity and Authenticity in the Primitive Skills Community," Hannah Schiller, Sociology and Anthropology, pp. 83-111; "Healing and Knowing among the Acholi: Culture-Bound Symptoms of War-Related Trauma and a Call for Re-Centering Indigenous Knowledge within Western NGO Interventions," Georgia Beasley, Global Studies, pp. 112-145; "The Battlefeld on Women’s Bodies: Comparing the Causes of Mass Rape in the Genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina," Megan Gordon, Global Studies, pp. 146-180. Features: "Obscure Genres and Obscene Content: Forrest White Talks about his Senior Thesis," Jacob Vaiden, pp. 181-182; "Empowering Students with Interactive Education: Emily Ehley Talks about Program Planning," Anastacia Golembiewski, pp. 183-185.