Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume Four

Auspex showcases fine capstone work of Warren Wilson College students. Pieces are created and submitted by students; recommended by faculty advisors; selected by an interdisciplinary faculty and student committee; and edited, designed, and published by the crew of the Writing Studio.
"Cover Image: Untitled 1 (Self Portrait)," Jessica Self. "Table of Contents." "Editorial: The Revolution Starts Now," Emmy Wade, pp. 1-2. Articles: "The Commodification of Anti-Capitalist Sentiment and Possible Paths of Resistance," Camilla Cannon, Philosophy, pp. 4-32; "Black Mountain College’s Experiment in Education: The Recruitment of African American Students and Faculty Members at a Southern Arts School in the 1940s," Micah Wilkins, History and Political Science, pp. 33-62; "Bringin’ Home the Bacon: Transgender Men’s Experiences in the Workplace," Caroline Duble, Sociology and Anthropology, pp. 64-95; "The Phytoaccumulation of Arsenic in Holy Basil (Tulsi), Ocimum sanctum," Eden May, Environmental Chemistry, pp. 97-124; "Reading 'Gangnam Style': Psy as Diplomat, Social Networker, and Harbinger of Global Transformations in Media Consumption," Addie Burton-Walsh, Global Studies, pp. 126-154; "Monkey-Wrenching the Anthropological Machine," Gabriel Perez Setright, Philosophy, pp. 157-187. Art: "Untitled 1 (Self Portrait)," Jessica Self, Cover Image; "Warrior," Carsyn McGregor-Short, p. 3; "Visibility," Ghensiri Rosson, p. 61; "Untitled 3 (Self Portrait)," Jess Self, p. 98; "Wolf," Carsyn McGregor-Short, p. 126; "Mom & Me," Ghensiri Rosson, p. 156; "Artist Statement," Carsyn McGregor-Short, p. 183; "Artist Statement," Ghensiri Rosson," p. 184; "Artist Statement," Jessica Self, p. 185.