Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume Six

Auspex showcases fine capstone work of Warren Wilson College students. Pieces are created and submitted by students; recommended by faculty advisors; selected by an interdisciplinary faculty and student committee; and edited, designed, and published by the crew of the Writing Studio.
"Cover Image," Iris Rountree. "Table of Contents." "Editorial: Finding Self Beyond the Self," Editors, pp. 1-2. Articles: "The Frustration-Shame-Aggression Hypothesis: Does Shame Mediate the Relationship Between Frustration and Aggression?," Leo Proechel-Bensman, Psychology, pp. 4-24; "Helen Huntingdon to Helen Markham: The Development of an Independent Morality in Anne Brönte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall," Sophie Yates, English and Theatre, pp. 26-50; "Working with Mica and Micaceous Clay," Isabelle Coppinger, Art, pp. 52-67; "The Effects of Different Harvest Events on Nitrogenase Activity in Alfalfa Root Nodules," Remy Sutherland, Chemistry, pp. 68-87; "Spotted Knapweed Management: Plant Community Effects Due to Grazing and Aminopyralid Herbicide On Rangelands," Landon Bayless-Edwards, Biology and Environmental Studies, pp. 88-109; "Turning the Lens: How Study Abroad Maintains and Challenges the Dominant Discourse of Travel," Sarah Edwards, Sociology and Anthropology, pp. 110-143; "'Not Just Doing Manual Labor Blindly': Comparing Warren Wilson Student Experiences Volunteering in Latin America and the Triad’s Integrated Work and Service Programs," Eliza Stokes, Global Studies, pp. 144-183. Art: "Burr Bowl," Isabelle Coppinger, p. 3; "Untitled," Isabelle Coppinger, p. 25; "Untitled," Isabelle Coppinger, p. 51; "Untitled," Isabelle Coppinger, p. 184; "Artist Statement," Isabelle Coppinger, p. 185; "Artist Statement," Iris Rountree, p. 186.